Make Money with WordPress
If you've ever wondered how to Make Money with WordPress you're in the right place. As is well known, WordPress is the most used content management system for the latest version of this CMS, with over 30,000 plugins and over 600 million downloads. It is obvious that it is very broad and has a distinct reputation all...
What is HTML? Who invented HTML? We are here and tell you the complete biography of HTML. HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language. HTML invented in 1991 by Tim Berners Lee & also WWW is invented by Tim Berners Lee. HTML 1.0 was the first public release and after this other updates of HTML are released...
Page Number Navigation
Page Number Navigation is the more essential in blogger blog because it can give a pro look to your blog and divided posts into pages. When your blog has more than 20 posts your blog should paginate. If you do not paginate your blog then your blog posts are on the main page and your page...
How to Create Sitemap page in Blogger?
How to Create Sitemap page in Blogger? is a common question for new bloggers. Blogger is a simple and user-friendly free blogging platform. a sitemap is most important to index your website or blogs in search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Today we are here to tell you How to Create Sitemap page in Blogger?
Clean Shift Premium Urdu Blogger Template
Clean Shift Premium Urdu Blogger Template is an elegant design Blogger Template developed by Bloggertheme9 and convert in Urdu by SAQI Studios. It's a two-column professional Blogger Template with an elegant look. We convert it all fields and portions in Urdu that it makes an Urdu blog like professional. Live Preview