Aisha Omar speaks up about harassment
Aisha Omar speaks up about harassment

Aisha Omar speaks up about harassment Actress and hostess Aisha Omar, who currently appears in the second season of the popular comedy show “Play Play,” recently spoke on a talk show about the #MeToo movement and also opened up to a victim of sexual harassment.
Aisha Omar revealed that she was harassed in her career.
“I was harassed, and I understood what it feels like. She said:” I still don’t dare to talk about it, maybe I will one day, but I can link it with everyone who has passed it, “he added that there is no time to talk about that; people can go out every time they feel comfortable doing that. “

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The actress, who recently resumed filming her next movie Rehbara after a two-year hiatus, continued to illustrate the importance of the #MeToo movement.
“It’s essential,” Aisha shared during the show.
“If someone has experienced some harassment or abuse in their life, it is challenging to talk about it,” he said, adding that many women and men in the entertainment industry have had a great time. It’s great to see people — opening to your experiences.

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While the actress agreed that harassment could occur anywhere, in any profession, she made it clear that when celebrities talk about harassment in the workplace, they tend to be noticed compared to people from other areas.
“It is recommended when someone at any stage of an adventurous life is mobilised to speak. I think it is a fearless movement, and I am sure that it is also being exploited, but that does not make it bad in any way.”


This etiquette campaign encouraged women to talk about sexual harassment and assured them that they were not alone on their way to recovery. The phrase “me too” was first used by social activist Tarana Burke almost a decade ago, when she tried to build solidarity among survivors of sexual harassment, she gained worldwide recognition when actress Alyssa Milano tweeted this on October 15, 2017: “If you have experienced sexual harassment or abuse, write” #metoo “in response to this Tweet.
The following night, more than 30,000 people used the label and quickly acquired local editions, such as the French #BalanceTonPorc. The #MeToo movement, which occurred at a time when Hollywood filmmaker Harvey Weinstein was accused of assaulting several women, became critical of condemning violence against women.




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