Azadi March: Government’s bid is not a compromise, leads to confrontation: Fazlur Rehman

Government's bid is not a compromise
Government's bid is not a compromise

Government’s bid is not a compromise, leads to confrontation: Fazlur Rehman

We cannot understand our position in the Government Negotiation Committee, nor does it convey our views to the Prime Minister, JUI-F.

Today is the ninth day of the independence march of the opposition parties led by Maulana Fazlur Rehman, the head of Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam (F), and the participants of the sit-in are still at the H-9 ground despite the cold weather.

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JUIF’s independence march continues in Islamabad. March attendees prayed Friday, cleaned up the restaurant, cooked and engaged in various activities, Metro bus service is closed for the tenth day due to freedom march while internet service is suspended in the surrounding areas.

The opposition leader’s committee has been making other demands, including the prime minister’s resignation, premature elections, but the government refuses to accept the prime minister’s resignation and the demands of the new election.

Addressing the participants of the march today, JUIF Maulana Fazlur Rehman said that the tone of government ministers does not lead to reconciliation.

He said that our position in the Government Negotiation Committee does not have the capacity to understand our position, nor does it convey our views to the Prime Minister.

Maulana Fazlur Rehman added that “all the political parties are on one platform; from here every party is represented every day; I thank all the parties for the liberation march.”

He said, “Yesterday it was said that the government’s negotiating committee comes, the government committee has neither the ability to understand our position nor the courage to reach our point. We have said that you should come to us with resignation, Not empty-handed, the tone of the government committee that spoke in the National Assembly is in support of our stance, Pervaiz Khattak’s dialogue does not seem to be a compromise.

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“If there is a desire for reconciliation, then your tone should be according to that,” said Moulanafazl-ur-Rehman.

Government is running the ordinance, Maulana Fazlur Rehman
Maulana Fazl-ur-Rehman said that since this parliament is formed, no legislation has been made, the government is running on ordinances, these laws have no status, they are forced laws, forced parliamentarians are also fake, say with great sensitivity. Want to be taken to the end country? ‘

“You have made the Parliament, the Executive controversial, talk about solidarity, we will look at it ten steps forward,” said the chief JUIF.

He said that “a commission was created to investigate the loans taken during the last 10 years, reports of loans taken in 10 years have been reported that these loans were not misused, the money has been applied to the projects”.

Moulanafazul-ur-Rehman said that ‘theft, money laundering allegations, FBR has said that no money laundering took place’.

The government annoyed China, chief JUIF

Fazlur Rehman said $ 70 billion was invested in China Pakistan Economic Transit (C-Pack) Why was it wasted? The government has offended China, has upset neighbors. ”

He said, “He has been sold to Kashmir too. It was reported that Imran Khan made a brilliant speech in the UN General Assembly, and the next day it was revealed that no one was with us in the voting.”

Maulana said that when the Prime Minister visited the United States, there was no welcome, such a leader who had destroyed Pakistan in the world had never come before.

He said that no target of revenue has been achieved in the budget. We are firm in our position and are calm and orderly.


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