Best Tips to Escape Self from Heatstroke


Heatstroke is a severe heat illness caused by extreme heat. It is also called Sun-stroke. It occurs when the body temperature is 40 C or higher.  It can be fatal if not properly treated. This condition is most common in Summer months.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, heatstroke caused 7,415 deaths in the United States between 1999 and 2010.

Symptoms of Heatstroke:-

  • It is the main sign of heatstroke. Body temperature may rise 40 C or higher.
  • The skin colour turns red.
  • Feeling sick or needing to vomit.
  • Breathing becomes quick and shallower
  • With heatstroke, your head may throb.
  • Physical exertion will leave the skin moist.
  • Heatstroke changes your mental state. This includes confusion, seizures, delirium, and coma.
  • It may affect the muscles tissues and caused muscles weakness.



  • To check the content of gases in the blood.
  • To check the urine colour and check the kidney functions.
  • To check the severe damage of muscle tissues.
  • To check internal organs.
  • To check the body temperature. Rectal temperature is the best way to determining the core body temperature.

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It is an elevated core temperature usually > 40 C associated with the sign of organ system failure due to hyperthermia. It occurs in people whose bodies can no longer adapt to rising temperature while exercising or working. It affects people who are spending time outdoors.


It appears in those who cannot adapt well to increasingly hot temperature older adults, people with chronic illness, and infants are frequently affected.

Treatment :-

There is some method of heatstroke treatment.

Evaporation Cooling:-

Heatstroke can be treated by evaporation cooling. Freshwater is misted on the body while warm air is fanned over you. This causes evaporation, which cools the skin.


The person who is affected by heatstroke is submerged an ice bath or cold water.

Cooling Blankets:-

A person with heatstroke is wrapped with special cooling blankets to control the body temperature.

Muscle Relaxants:-

If the body temperature is dropping, Drug such as “Benzodiazepines” may be given. This prevents the body from shivering in response to the cold treatments.



By taking these steps, you can prevent.

  • Wear light-coloured, loose-fitting clothes.
  • Wear a wide-brimmed hat.
  • During the hottest parts of the day take extra precautions.
  • Never leave someone in a parked car.
  • Get acclimated.
  • Protect against sunburn.


  • If the body temperature is not decreased immediately, body organs can swell and become damaged, which can be permanent.
  • Without immediate and adequate treatment, can be fatal.


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