Bray Wyatt at WWE SummerSlam 2019

Bray Wyatt
Bray Wyatt

Bray Wyatt is hot in SummerSlam 2019. Everything that Bray Wyatt had done by that moment under his new persona in the role of “Monster” was expertly well done, and on Sunday evening at SummerSlam in Toronto, the time will come when he will return to the ring to fight with Finn Balor. When Wyatt returned to the full-time competition, it immediately became apparent that this character modification was even more relaxed than we all imagined.

And WWE paid for it on Sunday evening not only with new input music but also with a fascinating thematic introduction that made fans wonder how dominant the Fiend character might be for the company in the future.

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After Balor came in, it was time for Wyatt to introduce himself again to a live audience under his new persona, The Fiend. The lights slowly went out in the arena after the simple introduction of Firefly Funhouse, similar to its recent appearances, and the ride continued from there.
A remixed version of Wyatt’s opening theme, performed by the Grammy-nominated rock band Code Orange, flashed over the speakers when he appeared carrying his signature lamp – albeit with a twist.

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The lantern was a model of his old resemblance to the trauma that went around him all the time, which was probably the eeriest aspect of the entire disclosure. However, it was enough to gather a crowd in Toronto, and everyone around was watching the buzzing around the world.
Wyatt would go on to defeat Balor with the Mandible Claw in a relatively short walk, putting the necessary exclamation mark on this resolute reintroduction.


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