German Media Showed Kashmir’s internal Situation to the World

German Media Showed Kashmir's internal Situation
German Media Showed Kashmir's internal Situation

German Media Showed Kashmir’s internal Situation According to The 9 News Reporter Srinagar: Where Modi is being named as Hitler, all the atrocities of oppression are being crossed in occupied Kashmir. According to the details, a month has passed since the curfew in Kashmir has not ended. Happened. In big cities, Indian troops are everywhere. German Media Showed Kashmir’s internal Situation.

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German media sees the world in Kashmir underground, Kashmiri researcher talking to German TVDW exposes Indian troops’ movements, Kashmiri researcher Arshi Qureshi said There is an atmosphere of fear everywhere, Indian forces harass them, you cannot go out, they say that Kashmiri women are easily harassed sexually, suspicion is high in rural areas, Army Slaves enter houses and beat people with iron; people can’t even hear the sound of violence because the homes are far away. Someone comes to help them.

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According to Indian media, the Kashmiri woman makes free calls from the PCO business after seeing the people changing; people are calling from fifty kilometres away, public anger against India is increasing day by day, money is running out. Due to which the female doctor was forced to sell her jewellery.


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