Meghan Markle’s Best Friend Slams “Racist Bullies” Behind Private Jet Scandal

Hollywood News
Hollywood News

Jessica Mulroney will not stand the abuse of her longtime best friend, Meghan Markle. During another scandal involving the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, the Canadian stylist clarified his position on this issue in an Instagram post aimed at the harshest critics of the royal couple.

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“When someone comes across unfair criticism, you shout about it,” Mulroney said in a post. “When this person is your friend and family, you call these critics who they are. Shame on you, racist bullies. ”

Mulroney refers to the adverse reaction of Megan and Prince Harry in connection with their recent use of a private jet, which was later discovered as in Elton John. Just yesterday, the legendary musician denied the “evil” rumors about Megan, Harry, and Archie Harrison’s child traveling to his French estate, saying that he had provided the family with an airplane for security and privacy reasons. Besides, Elton insisted that he respect the couple’s ecological platform, ensuring that their flight was carbon neutral.

Following Elton’s comments, celebrities, including Ellen DeGeneres, Pink and others, publicly shared their support for Harry and Megan. Dear friend Megan and makeup artist Daniel Martin also loved Mulroney’s post.
Mulroney, whose twins and daughter played a unique role on Meghan’s wedding day, also tweeted news from actress Jamila Jamil.

“Ugh. Dear English and English press, say that you hate her because she is black, and he because he married a black woman and did it, damn it, ”wrote the star Good Place. “Your bullying is so awkward and obvious. You all lost your balls. Now is the year 2019. Grow”.

She continued: “ALSO, it’s not safe for us to be on the same plan as the royal family or the president, you are absolute dolls. They are the primary targets for the abduction and sometimes murder. We civilians are interested in not endangering our closeness to people in such powerful positions. “

The palace has not yet issued a comment on behalf of Prince Harry and Megan on this subject.


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