Mesha Shafi's
Mesha Shafi's

Singer Mesha Shafi’s lawyer, Nighat Dad, has said she would present new evidence in the case against the singer and actor Ali Zafar. Nighat Dad telephoned in Geo News’ Morning ShowGeo Pakistan‘ and gave details of the hearing on the defamation case.

The singer’s lawyer said that Ali Zafar’s lawyer had not asked any question from Meesha’s mother and actress, Saba Hameed. Nighat Dad said that Saba Hameed had only recorded her statement, she has been made a witness in this case because Mesha had told her about the incident with her and she was aware of the details.

He said the cross-examination would be made in light of Saba Hameed’s statement. The lawyer for the sexual harassment allegations leveled against Ali Zafar said that the witness did not have to be present at the time of the incident.

He said Meesha Shafi also filed the defamation case against Ali Zafar, in which the singer has not yet filed a counter-claim. “We will add some new witnesses to the case,” he said.

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It may be recalled that yesterday in Sessions Court, Lahore, a Rs 100 crore defamation case was heard against singer Mesha Shafi in which her mother Saba Hameed’s statement was recorded. Saba Hameed said that women generally do not report such incidents, though I did report the positive and negative consequences.

Last year, Mesha Shafi accused singer Ali Zafar of sexual harassment. Mesha Shafi said sexual harassment is not easy to talk about. Still, it is also challenging to be silent, I will break the culture of silence, which has become prevalent in society. Singer and actor Ali Zafar denied the allegations of harassment on behalf of Mesha Shafi, saying that I will not answer the accusation but will go to court against Mesha Shafi, and I am sure that the truth always prevails. ۔

Ali Zafar alleges harassment Meisha Shafi has been sued for damages of Rs 100 crore.




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