Mission Mangal
Mission Mangal

Mission Mangal – 2019 Watch Bollywood Movies Online Free on this website and you can also get reviews on Latest Bollywood Movie Mission Mangal. This movie revolves around the Indian Space Agency. A young employee of the Indian Space agency wants to launch the Mars Orbiter Mission (Mangalyaan), making it the least expensive mission to Mars.

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Details of Mission Mangal:-

Release Date:15 August 2019
Gener: Drama
Duration: 130 Minutes
Writer: R. Balki
Riturraj Tripathi
Director: Jagan Shakti

Star Cast of Mission Mangal:-

  • Akshay Kumar … Rakesh Dhawan
  • Vidya Balan … Tara Shinde
  • Sonakshi Sinha … Ekta Gandhi
  • Taapsee Pannu … Kritika Aggarwal
  • Nithya Menon … Varsha Pillai
  • Kirti Kulhari … Neha Siddiqui
  • Sharman Joshi … Parmeshwar Naidu
  • H.G. Dattatreya … Ananth Iyer
  • Sanjay Kapoor … Sunil Shinde
  • Dalip Tahil … Rupert Desai
  • Vikram Gokhale … Director of ISRO
  • Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub … Rishi Aggarwal
  • Purab Kohli … Vivek Pillai

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Mission Mangal

Reviews on Mission Mangal:-

This movie revolves around a mission to launch a spacecraft on Mars. The audience of the Indian people criticizes and appreciate making this type of movie. This is the first movie in Indian history. I write some of the most viewed reviews of the movie.

I feel this is an insult to Indian audience by trying to act like it’s a science movie, based on a real incident, woman empowerment and what not just to release it on Indian Independence day to emotionally provoke people to watch it and not to be critical towards your knowledge. practicality, wisdom.

It’s in a way insult to both ISRO, their mission and film making overall. Because you are basically emotionally manipulating people to get tangled to drama, a situation of being driven by nationalism mood, using the real story, and release on a day where no one should question your action. Recipe for success shouldn’t be defined by manipulating people emotionally.

For an analogy, it’s enemy is singing the national anthem in front of an emotionally driven army who are hiding during the time of war and then the enemy is shooting those who raise their heads to respect the song. So anyone who is standing up in the situation emotionally driven will surely be going to get a headshot not to think practically and logically is the whole cast of this movie. This I would call as Charlie Chaplin syndrome. (Check youtube “Charlie Chaplin – Shoulder Arms (1918) – Shooting scene” you will get it)

Though I gave 2 points because drama is good at some points and few people’s acting is good like Vidya Balan. She is the only person to look up for in acting and rest are just to a cherry on the cake. It’s very sad though because such a good real story could have been made such epic proportion but is made such hastily just to mint money it feels. And jokes/humor is so bad. It basically feels childish immature film made just to mint money or manipulate people in the disguise of entertainment.

Very much fact to say, check on the wiki, this script seemed is taken by “SpaceMOM’s” film. Mission Mangal seem taken that script and hurriedly made it just to mint money as soon as they got the producers for it. Check out Radha Bharadwaj’s SpaceMOMs you will see the same movie angle but still to be released. It’s very disappointing if Mission Mangal copied the script and because of money power corned the original.

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