Pakistan Will Get Strong Response, Indian Air Force Will Buy 33 Fighter Jets

Indian Air Force
Indian Air Force

New Dehli: (The 9 News Reporter): To further strengthen the Indian Air Force‘s combat force, the Air Force is proposing 33 new combat aircraft, including 21 MiG 29 and 12 Sukhoi 30 aircraft. According to official sources, the Indian Air Force proposal will be presented at the Defense Ministry meeting in a few weeks.

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The Sukhoi 30 AKI aircraft, which have been the victims of the accident in the recent past, will be replaced with these 12 new aircraft. These 12 new planes will help maintain the Indian Air Force’s Sukhoi 30 MKI aircraft. Senior officials believe that such aircraft will suffice for India’s heavyweight aircraft.

 Indian Air Force

The Indian Air Force, which is referring to the purchase of 21 MiG-29 aircraft, will be called from Russia. Russia has expressed its desire to sell the plane, considering the needs of India’s new warplanes. According to the plan, the MiG-29s will be given the latest upgraded aircraft, which are already available with the Indian Air Force. Radar and other equipment used in the aircraft are made of new technology.

Talks with Russia over the Mug 29 are at an early stage. The Indian Air Force wants to complete this deal as soon as possible. The Indian Air Force also wants to make sure that the offers being offered are valid for long hours.

The Indian Air Force has been using the MiG-29 for a long time, and the pilots here are well aware of this. But the plane that is now being negotiated is different than before. The Indian Air Force has three MiG-29 squadrons that are being upgraded.


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