Global Village festival in Dubai
Global Village festival in Dubai

The colorful Global Village festival in Dubai is ready to be celebrated. As always, this time, the Pakistani Pavilion will be part of the Global Village, while Madness and Atif Aslam will also be practicing magic on the main stage.

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The Global Village, a colorful cultural and entertainment festival in Dubai, has been in sun since October 29, with approximately 78 countries participating. There will be 26 pavilions featuring products, food and cultural shows from around the world.

According to the organizers of the Global Village, more than 3,000 shops and stalls will be set up in the meantime with well-known brands around the world.

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The Pakistani Pavilion will also be part of the Global Village, where Pakistani products, food, and cultural colors will be offered. Pakistan’s renowned music bands Madonna and Atif Aslam will be shaking their heads on the main stage.

Global Village festival in Dubai

The best thing about Dubai Global Village is that there is no change in the ticket price and only a visit to the Global Village in 15 Durham can be made.

The 24th season of the Global Village, which begins on October 29, will be broadcasting until April 4, 2020.

Be aware that Global Village is an annual entertainment and cultural festival in Dubai where goods from all over the world are offered for sale. Every year since 1996, millions of people from all over the world, including Pakistan, participate in the event where not only all countries have the opportunity to highlight their unique cultural significance, but also from a business perspective.




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