Satisfaction is the importance, and the motivation behind life, the entire point, and end of human presence Happiness relies on ourselves” – Aristotle

Four Dimensions of Joy:-

We, as a whole, take a stab at bliss. As per Aristotle, it is the ONLY thing we need for the wellbeing of its own. Everything else we do is to be upbeat – somehow. However, joy is not a straightforward idea. Aristotle recognized four unique dimensions of bliss.

Happiness level 1: Laetus Happiness from Material Articles:-

Satisfaction at the leading dimension is essentially about erotic delight dependent on things something outer. This sort of joy can be extraordinary yet is fleeting. There is an utmost to the pleasure you get from another vehicle, an occasion, a pleasant feast, and so on if this is the ONLY wellspring of joy. For whatever length of time that you remember different dimensions, there is nothing amiss with getting a charge out of the joys of level 1 that life can give!

Happiness level 2: Being Better, More Respected than Others, and so Forth:-

You feel this sort of bliss when you, for instance, win in games or get an advancement. Everybody likes reverence and winning somewhat; however, individuals fluctuates a great deal concerning how substantial their focused nature is. For some, it’s beginning and end, for others, it’s only an exceptionally minor and brief joy. Bliss from consistent correlation with other individuals is flimsy because nobody (or not many individuals) can win in all areas of life consistently. If there should be an occurrence of disappointment, concentrating a lot on this dimension can prompt dissatisfactions and a feeling of uselessness.

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Happiness level 3: Beatitude The Bliss from Doing Useful for other People & Making the World a Superior Spot.

This dimension of satisfaction depends on the human want for association, goodness, which means, sympathy, kinship, and solidarity. A few have summed it up as just: “Love!”. As this dimension, we move far from ourselves to concentrate on the prosperity of others. Generally, our very own joy depends additionally on the satisfaction of others.

Level 4: Satisfaction is the Hardest to Depict:-

It includes a quest for completion and flawlessness. It has to do with finding the correct harmony between different dimensions. Analysts have marked this longing for extreme satisfaction a call for association with the bigger universe or a kind of fantastic quality. Some satisfy this craving through otherworldliness or religion, others through a way of thinking, craftsmanship, or logical undertakings to discover answers to a portion of the central issues of life, human presence and the universe. There’s no complete or all-inclusive answer.

You need to locate your calling!
  • Factors That influence the level of Happiness.
  • Who you are and what you like?
  • Where you live?
  • The level of your expectations.
  • Interpersonal Relationships.
  • Your thoughts and your level of happiness.




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