Singer Asim Azhar attacked with shoes during the concert

Asim Azhar attacked with shoes
Asim Azhar attacked with shoes

Asam Azhar, now the leader of various political parties in Pakistan, also gave a shoe to fans during the concert. Asim Azhar attacked with shoes during the concert.

Famous singer Asim Azhar is considered to be one of the youngest singers. During a recent tour, Asim Azhar had an unpleasant throwing of shoes, but fortunately, he did not.

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A video of the singer’s concert by fans on social media is rapidly going viral, with Asim Azhar appearing on stage and suddenly fans are shouting at him.
Asim Azhar’s shoe was unfortunately not worn on him, but the unpleasant incident left his fans on social media and expressed intense anger over the incident.

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It should be noted that singer Asim Azhar is also known as Justin Bieber of Pakistan, one of his most popular songs in Coke Studio’sWoh Tera Pyar‘ song which has been viewed more than 13 million times on YouTube.

Fans of Asim Azhar anger on this situation.

Asim Azhar attacked with shoes


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