Social media users took Veena Malik by hand over the Abaya dispute

abaya dispute
abaya dispute

KARACHI: Veena Malik is famous for her nonsense activities. Abaya dispute is trending on social media. The issue of a burqa or obeisance being mandated by a District Education Officer in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is also under discussion on social media and hashtag is trending on Twitter in the name of “Identification of Hijab Islamic Civilization” Some people are in favor of this decision, and some are against it.

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The majority of the people applauded the KP government’s move, but few media houses have taken it as if it was a non-Islamic act, though in Islamic teachings the basic fabric of a woman’s dress is basic some people promote dishonesty. When it comes to Islamic teachings, they do not digest it – many people say that indulgence is genuinely touching the extremity. They remain silent, but when they are wrapped in cloth, they are thought to be the moment.

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Pakistani actress and host Veena Malik also posted a photo yesterday responding to the decision of the Peshawar District Education Officer, in which she looks completely dressed in a burqa in a restaurant while she is also masked on the face. Yes, with this post, Veena Malik also shared a translation of the verse of the Quran, which relates to the hijab of women.

Say: O your wives and your daughters, and the women of the believers, wherever you need to get out of the way, get out of bed and wrap it

(AHZAB: 59)

. Reacting has taken them a step closer to double standards.

One user wrote in response to the post of Veena Malik. Hopefully, you have heard that saying. Criticized the DP (display picture).

In DP, Veena Malik is seen in modern clothing, while in the photo shared last day, they are in full burqa.


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