Sunny Leone Removed the Veil from Another Life Secret

Bollywood News August 2019
Bollywood News August 2019

Sunny Leone Removed the Veil from Another Life Secret of her showbiz life before entry in Bollywood. It’s no secret that Sunny Leone has been acting in porn movies before hitting Bollywood, but you might be surprised to find out that Sunny Leone recently revealed in an interview. She was only ten years old when she first saw porn.

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In an interview to the Indian Entertainment website, Sunny Leone said that when you are young, you have no idea what you will do in life or what career you take, especially when you are eight or ten years old. Who am When you are young, it is entirely different, and your thoughts change. Sunny Leone said that at that time I could not imagine that I would go into the profession that I had seen in childhood. This is bad, hateful and shit.

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Sunny Leone is currently shooting for her Tamil film “Veerama Devi” and she is also debuting in the Telugu film industry, with Vidyu Dian performing the directorial duties. Sunny Leone is playing the role of a warrior woman in this movie and she is learning horseback riding as well as swordplay. The film is likely to be released next year.


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