Hair Braiders licenses are allowed to newcomers. Hair Braiders Limited License after 4 to 7 Days of Training. Hairdressers will not undergo 1200 hours of training required to obtain a cosmetic license in New Jersey, which is valid immediately and temporarily.

On Friday, the State Council of Beauty and Hairdressing issued a special rule that establishes a limited license and also increases the number of members on the board to 13, requiring two members to own and operate a hairdresser in New Jersey.

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The new limited license requires 40 or 50 hours of training, depending on whether the braid has three years of experience at the time of application. According to the Prosecutor’s Office, this rule aims to “remove some of the barriers to economic opportunities for people who can act as a braid of hair, while maintaining consumer protection for their clients.”

An alliance of hairdressers, mostly of African or African descent and the Caribbean, has struggled for years to change the law requiring them to obtain a cosmetic license to practice braiding hair, according to the assistant director of activity for the Justice Institute, Brock Fallon.

One of these women, Brigitte Nisali, owner of African and American braiding in Blackwood, told NJBIZ last October that braiding hair is not taught even in cosmetic schools, and that the only tool that braiders use is a comb. The original bill they were working on, which required braiders to register in the state, was not in compliance with Governor Phil Murphy’s conditional veto. The legislature reached 40 to 50 hours of training before Murphy signed it.

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“We are concerned that requirements for a period of 40 to 50 hours will be an additional burden on the matrices,” Fallon said. “Where will this training be offered? Will it be provided in languages ​​other than English? Many braiders speak French or Arabic. Also, how much will the training be? This could affect how easily these braiders are accessed. Many of these women have been doing this since they were Girls, so getting involved in the classroom and possibly travelling around the state is a concern. “

Fallon said that the Institute of Justice, which brought together the braided coalition, was curious as to how the Braders would be shown to show their three years of experience qualifying for 40 hours of training instead of 50 years.

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“We hope that Governor Murphy and the Ministry will make sure that these new rules and the way they are implemented do not place more burdens on these women who are trying to make a living with their family.” Fallon said: “We hope these braiders are part of creating these rules and that their comments are taken in a way, Grandpa”.




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