World Warns of Two Nuclear Powers in South Asia: PM Imran Khan

Nuclear Powers in South Asia
Nuclear Powers in South Asia

Nuclear Powers in South Asia is on the edge of war in South Asia. The Prime Minister was addressing the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) Convention in Houston via video link directly, saying that all non-Muslim minorities in Pakistan have all kinds of religious freedom while Muslims and other minorities still in India. Insecure and deprived of rights.

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Referring to the current situation in occupied Kashmir, Prime Minister Imran Khan once again criticized the ruling party of India, saying that because of the Modi government’s policy, the people of occupied Kashmir have been a victim of lockdown for four weeks.

Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that the world should be aware that there are two nuclear states face to face in South Asia.

The Prime Minister also expressed concern that India could take action in Azad Kashmir, but if the Modi government made any such move, it would be answered in full.

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Addressing the international community, he said that the world was on alert as two nuclear powers were coming face to face in South Asia. Why every Muslim is viewed with suspicion; after 9/11 every incident is linked to Islam, no one person’s action can be related to religion.


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