You are a Bhutto, not a Maulana

You are a Bhutto, not a Maulana
You are a Bhutto, not a Maulana

Prime Minister Imran Khan said to Maulana Fazal Ul Rehman that You are a Bhutto, not a Maulana. How does the color change in heaven, brother this world is round, the round is round, the same crop you sow today has to be harvested? That is why it is said that you speak first but then who listens. Now the spectacle is that the sit-in was held in Kurdi.

As the wheels of Pakistani political history spin round, let’s see how today’s political enemies become today’s political friends. Khan, whom the country used to call enemies, treacherous, today is removing the wishes of allies and political opponents. Is the MQM, so BNP Mangal demanded that the training overload it due to repeated overload? The driver is also worried about how to handle this rolling, haphazard account train.

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The status of Khan Sahib is like a ticket checker for non-ticket travelers, and the condition of ticketless riders is that even in the short journey, long wishes, wishes, and mischiefs like small children, it is felt that Khan becomes Bhutto. Killed in the roundabout, but where are the masses, and where is Imran Khan a considerable distance in understanding?

Bhutto was thoroughly versed in his intelligence, knowledge, and history and was deeply touched by political insights but still weak opposition and global conspiracies. He was hanged on the board because of his strong principles, determination, and cheating of close associates. What were the plots against Bhutto, who made what, and what made the game, it is black history, but the fact is that when a person gains a lot of confidence and strength, his real test starts there.

Bhutto was also feeling the same way, announcing the general election one year before the prescribed term, only thinking that the dissolved opposition parties would not be able to face them individually, but on the contrary. Under the leadership of the late Pirgawo, the “nine stars” shone like Bhutto’s feet.

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In the Prime Minister of the House, night’s sleep was forbidden; Bhutto wanted to eclipse the “nine stars” somehow, and the leadership of the Pakistan National Alliance (PNA) would, in any case, touch the limits of public popularity. Air Marshal (R) did not entrust Asghar Khan and, using all tactics, apparently succeeded in making the ineffective but jihadist Maulana Mufti Mahmood-ur-Rehman the head of the PNA, but the opposite of Bhutto’s thoughts were quite the opposite.

The movement against electoral fraud under the leadership of Maulana Mufti Mahmood suddenly became a form of abolitionist movement with the participation of all Muslim scholars. Although Bhutto has long, meaningful talks with all Islamic measures and opposition, such as Friday’s holiday, ban on liquor bars, barns, and race clubs to politically crush the movement, the movement has a strong front. It did not go on and then began a dark chapter in the history of Pakistan, which is still being written periodically without interruption.

Sometimes it happens that a person gets so caught up in the craze that his thinking refuses to move forward. Something similar is seen with the elder Khan nowadays. Do not fall nor move. I do not understand whether Khan complains or Maulana Sahib. Everywhere there is the mourning of scattered thoughts, colorful colors are fluttering, consolation is being given, promises of the future are being made, but no one understands the seriousness of the situation.

In our temper, words such as animality, barbarism, aggression, lust, harassment, greed, intolerance have increased to such an extent that words such as humanity, tolerance, endurance, patience, and patience appear to them. Ever since Maulana Fazlur Rehman has anchored the diapers against the Omani government, there has been an uproar in the government houses, and people have often looked to the rulers, sometimes peering in their panic and gazing at the opposition. Let’s see what happens now?

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On the other hand, political factors, Baba, and astronomy are also opening their wombs. The shield of stars is also closely monitored as to how many camels of Pakistan’s economic and political crisis will come. Norris, spiritual scholars, are laying their feet apart, while black intellectuals are also standing on one leg.

See what the colors of the baboons and the colors of the black intellectuals show. Nowhere does the preparation of the PML-N, the ingenuity of Bilawal and the Maulana artists worry about the Prime Minister, the tales of Harim Shah in the Foreign Office, the mysterious silences of the big houses do not open a new door, it is understandable, but the matter is a disgrace.

Just think that you are a Bhutto, not a Maulana, one cannot escape the fate of destiny, and the outcome is in your pocket. I will come to the table anytime. May Allah bless the martyrs of the tragedy in the heavens. Heal all the sick and save us from the punishment of any movement. It has nothing to do with the tragedy case and column from the state of Madinah.


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